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As a candidate in the forthcoming Somerset West and Taunton District Council elections on May 2nd 2019, I like all candidates are required to (quoted from the Electoral Commission website) add an imprint. Quoting page 11, paragraph 1.37, "The imprint should include the name and address of the promoter and the person or organisation on whose behalf it has been produced."


I am both promoter and producer of the following websites (please follow links):  |


...and the following social media pages (please follow links):

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Here is my full name and address:

Mr John Hunt, 10 Badgers Close, Bishop's Hull, Taunton TA1 5HL

(no personal callers please)


For your convenience, below is my prefered method of contacting me:

Email me on


Cllr John Hunt - Independent.

Serving you, not the interests of a political party.

John Hunt Independent